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Game equipment

The game board

The Metapontum game board consists of 64 hexagons in three different colours. Because of this the possibilities of movement of the moving parts (mp for short) are increased relative to the 64 black and white squares of the chessboard.


The Pieces

Each side has 16 moving parts:

8 pioneers 2 ministers
2 templars of guardians 1 magister
2 wise men or scientists 1 regent

The abacus

The abacus with beads serves to keep score of the moves; the first row is for the moves from 1 to 10; the second row is for the moves of the decades: 10 to 100; the third row is for scoring the honour points, that is for redeeming an ally, bringing it home.

The tellamide (in the light carton edition only)

In the four sided pyramid are located three dials.
They show the number of moves and honour-points each player has. The upper number indicates the honour points for redemptions, for bringing home an mp of an ally. The lower two dials record the moves.

The wands (the large games)

Both allies make use of a wand or staff as an aid in pointing at mp and places during their discussion about the moves. They also use it to move the beads in counting, called writing and they use the staff in the opening ceremony. NB. When an mp has been touched by hand, it must move.

The coronets

A pioneer moved by an ally to the first or last horizontal row (1 or 8th row) on the other side of the board is crowned with a coronet and elevated to "laureate". This promotion is in rank and function and the coronet identifies and entitles him to range with the power of the magister over the entire board.

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