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Nepal and India

All new Metapontum games, post 2000, are manufactured in Nepal, except for the soft stone games from India. The production of these Nepalese peace games is entirely co-ordinated by the Madat Nepal Foundation & Trade. They trade with Nepal so that the profit from the sales flows back to Nepal to finance small-scale projects in the fields of education, healthcare and cottage industries in the Nepalese Highlands. For additional information concerning Madat Nepal Trade consult their web site www.madatnepal.nl

When you purchase a peace-game you support development projects and fair trade practices simultaneously between the underdeveloped 3rd World Countries and the prosperous West. The profit derived from the sale of the peace-games will be used in part for the purchase of new games and keeping afloat the Metapontum Foundation. The potential surplus is earmarked for the use of financing future peace projects.

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