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Game variations

1. Hand made wooden game board and wooden pieces.

The wooden Metapontum game is entirely hand made. The board has a hardwood frame and the six-sided fields are inlaid hardwood in 3 different colours. The pieces consist of two different colours wood. The manufacture of one game board takes on the average of one day and the hand carved pieces take about 3 days. One game consists of more than 300 different parts. There are of course many rejects which make wooden games relatively expensive. The game is made in Nepal by woodcarvers. These are four brothers assisted by several helpers. The daily wage for woodcarvers is very high: 300 Rps= (ca € 4,62). In comparison the daily wage of a schoolteacher is 200 Rps (ca € 3,08).

4. Houten bord, inlay met keramische stukken

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The ceramic pieces of the Metapontum game are made by the Potters from the Nepal, Hari Bol group whose wife manages four women from Bhaktipur, two mute young men and one mute young woman. They make the ceramic pieces that are given shape in moulds, manually finished, painted and then baked as final product. The production of the ceramic pieces is much higher than the wooden pieces.
The salary of this group compares to that of primary school teachers, 200 Rps (+/- E3,08) per day. This group also manages the painting of simple plywood Metapontum school-games.

Wooden game board, painted with ceramic pieces

These painted wooden game bords are also made by the Nepalese Hari Bol group just like the ceramic pieces. (see wooden board, inlay with ceramic pieces).

Carton board with ceramic pieces

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The carton board is made by the Sanu group. They manufacture products of textile and paper. Sanu and his wife manage 2 men and 14 women. The salary of this group is +/- 175 Rps (+/- E 2,69) per day, however, with the secondary employment terms the total also nears 200Rps or +/- E 2,69 per day. This group also makes silk screen Metapontum manuals on special handmade paper.

The stone board, inlay with stone pieces.


The stone board is made in Agra, North India, from Pyrophyllite-stone, a hard gorara stone also called soapstone. Raw boulders are cut to size by stonecutters and sculpted into the desired play-figures and polished. The final colour of the product is unpredictable and is revealed only after polishing. The shops in which the games are made are part of the Tara Projects. Tara pays the workers a fair wage, generally 15-25 % (or even 50 %) more than the commercial workshops. Tara stands for collective, communal work, they abolish child labour and forbid slavery. In this way they help shape a better more peaceful future for the people there, one without violence.

  • ATTENTION: The stone game can only be ordered after consulting the Metapontum Foundation.

7. The Metapontum carton game, ready mounted.

In this game one plays on a simple, light carton folding board (blue/light blue/white). The pieces are light carton ready mounted (folded and glued other parts) There are 2 carton tellamides for counting moves etc., a carton storage-box, a game-manual, plastic insert coronets and 2 simple staffs.

  • This model, made in Holland, is only available as long as the stock lasts.

The Metapontum-carton games,
ready mounted with wooden feet.

One plays on a simple, thin, carton folding board ( blue/light blue/white). The pieces are made from thick carton fitted with wooden feet. There are 2 carton tellamides for counting moves, a carton storage-box, a game-manual and plastic insert coronets. Attention: this model made in Holland is available as long as the stock lasts.

  • Attention: this model made in Holland is available as long as the stock lasts.

Metapontum wooden game, school model

This game consists of a wooden game board and folding storage-box in one. In the board on each side there are 3 rows of recessed counting beads with two colours. The pieces are thick carton with wooden feet. The game is delivered with a game-manual, plastic insert coronets and 2 wooden staffs. This game comes in blue/light-blue/white and black/grey/white.

  • Attention: this model made in Holland is available as long as the stock lasts.

Separate ordering

You may select and compile your own game, choosing for instance for a wooden or carton board with wooden or ceramic pieces.

More information and offer 2nd choice

We are pleased to inform you about the possibiliities and availability of game variations. There are also several (demonstration / used and second choice) games available with slightly scratched surface, and slightly warped wooden inlay game boards. We offer all these parts at great discount prices.

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