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Ordering a game or loose game attributes

Please complete the order form completely to order a game or loose parts.

Print this form-page by clicking on your browser button and send it to the address underneath or copy the data and send us your e-mail: E-mail the Metapontum Foundation.

Stichting Metapontum
Oijenseweg 19
5346 SN Oss

Our bank account number is: 335906516 in favor of Stichting Metapontum [The Metapontum Foundation].

Ordering complete games with hand-carved wooden chest for storing pieces, game book, coronets, wands

  1. Wooden game board, inlay with wooden pieces complete: € 95,00
  2. Stone game board and pieces and special wooden storage case with lock € 165,00
  4. Metapontum wooden inlay bord with ceramic pieces € 60,00
  6. Carton board wit ceramic pieces € 15,00
  7. Carton board wit carton pieces assembled € 12,00
  Shipping and postage costs + rembours € 12,50 (always include this cost)
  Please add the total cost
Include your:
  Postal code or zip code

Next, print this form letter and mail it to Stichting Metapontum, Oijenseweg 19, 5346 SN Oss, Nederland,

or copy the information on your e-mail message after clicking on: E-mail the Metapontum Foundation.

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