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Essence of the game

Exchange of pieces

The essence of the game lies in the ability of the players to elicit from each other the good will to negotiate in faith with the other partner and to play the game conform the written rules and to make each move conform the powers of movement. When an exchange between pieces takes place the position of both players must improve and their overall standing must appreciate in the new position. Therefore no pieces are ever removed from the board.

Finding solutions togehter

The quality of the game can be expressed in the degree of efficiency with which the players, caring for each other’s interest - reciprocity - arrive with a minimum of moves on the other side of the board according to the predetermined end-diagram. This can be a simple position exchange to that of the other party or it may be a totally different end position. However, one always tries to upgrade the order, playing from a lower or simpler to a higher or a more aesthetic position that is determined in advance by the players. Therefore the premium significance of Metapontum building a bridge to a better world, a society without violence. While chess is played in total silence and is strongly individualistic and directed to personal gain, with Metapontum the aim is just opposite, purposeful communication, idea-exchange and the thinking process is directed toward seeking solutions for common problems.

Sharing profit

While in chess the gain or profit is made at the expense of the loser, in Metapontum the gain or profit is inextricably united to the gain of the other. When he becomes better off I become better off. Therefore the gain needs to be translated to a mutual profit in favour of all before a move can be called successful. By proper attunement to each other’s position and the possibilities in the game, a path to the other side of the board is reveald along the way. Players seek a balance between giving and taking in this co-operative process. Metapontum offers a fascinating mental gymnasium with a perspective to the art and science of co-operation, the technology of doing good, and the sharing of tensions, joys and friendship.

Common goal

The enticing aspect of the game is that you can win together against the difficulties inherent in the game. You can play against the restrictions and impossibilities of the pieces; and you accept the challenge of playing co-operatively to transpose the pieces in a minimum of moves to the end position of the new diagram. It is all about reaching collectively a predetermined a new goal, - World Peace -.

Beauty and dance

Beginning with the ideal of maintaining respect and equality, the game offers by means of the thought- inversion-mechanism often surprising insights into the principles of reciprocity and mutual position enhancement. Many players who have experience with the game, appreciate the express aesthetic quality of it which is gradually revealed. The entire game encounter shows the character of a refined circular dance.

Building a bridge together

The principles of the game are beneficial for everybody in daily life. Supposed enemies can become future allies. Together you can come to find creative solutions that are useful and satisfying to all. In this way both parties help to build a bridge (of understanding and respect) to each other by exchanging views and by standing in each other’s place.

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