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Table of comparison Metapontum / Schaak

Metapontum Chess
game board with 64 six sided fields in 3 colours gameboard with 64 squares in
2 colours
4 dimensions; horizontal, vertical,
2 x diagonal
3 dimensions; horizontal, vertical,
1 x diagonal
12 directions (30º, 60º, 90º, 180º) 8 directions (45º, 90º, 180º)
2 x 16 pieces
(mobile partners or parts)
2 x 16 pieces
2 x 8 pioneers 2 x 8 pawns
2 x 2 templars or guardians 2 x 2 castles
2 x 2 scientists or sages 2 x 2 knights
2 x 2 ministers 2 x 2 bishops
2 x 1 magister 2 x 1 queen
2 x 1 regent 2 x 1 king
laureate (promoted pioneer) self promoted pawn to queen
guardiann move castling move
salute give check
keymove of friendship with peace check mate, death of one king
co-player, ally rival, competitor
friend enemy
redeem, save, embrace, help beat/ slay / kill / eliminate
to exchange place with to conquer or capture a place from
to realize and co-operate to win and possess
to communicate and exchange ideas to be silent and secretive
symbolises 4th dimension,
eternity & harmony
symbolises 3rd dimension,
dualism and strife
helping each other to the other side with as few moves as possible beating each other from the board, disregarding the number of moves or cost.
win–win-plus win-lose
peace through wisdom and love of God conquest, winning, through violence
and war
elegant, dans like moves tight, marshal movements
sharing communal property inharmony capture of communal property for
personal gain
trusting each other, having faith in distrusting each other with suspicion

See >>The Rules.

vredesschaak wijze metapontum metapontum metapontum
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