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Cooperation games from the past


Even if in the distant past is there game developed with an aim higher than only wins. It will think frequently for developing insight, philosophically and cooperation. A splendidly recent example is glass pears spiel (kraal game) from novel of Herman Hesse (1943). Retrieving the correct game rules is frequently a problem. From the perspective of Metapontum it is a lot captivating make an enumeration of game with a more or less philosophical context.

Senet from the old Egypt

A chalkboard game from Egypt, of which images are in any case kept have remained and of which one has a presumption of the game rules. The game of the farao's >>

Plato's peace game

A game what still Plato are named after, but of which has lost the game rules has gone. It was possibly played on its school at Metapontum in Italy. Plato's 'chess game' >>


Rithmomachia A game played on a chalkboard with square fields and geometrical pieces which represent certain value. Rithmomachia extended >>

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