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Space and music of Metapontum

The Cathedral of Peace

The idea of the Cathedral of Peace is a result of a theme originating in the team of the 'Harmonicale Ellips' headed by Prof. mag. arch.ing. dr. hc. Peter Schmid of the Technical University in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands' Peace Centre.

'Playing with hexagons', this parabolic shape, is analogus to the classical beehive; on the outside of this construction one observes six light-giving pillars on which a path like a spiral circles itself to the top of the building like onto a mountaintop which one can ascend. Each of the six sections has six horizontal sections that are reduced in size; the total is 22 units high. The seventh floor of the 12 units remains empty. The total hight of this building is 144 units high. The building has a central vertical vide.

Music of Metapontum

The notation of the moves of the master Pi-game has been transcribed into music by Prof. G. Lloy of the State University of San Diego, California, US, faculty of Musicology.

Metapontum & dance

The Metapontum game can be staged like a dance. The pieces will then be replaced by people wearing special apparel representing the functions of the pieces.

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