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In this chapter you will find the following pages:

Goals on short term

To realise on short term:

  • The realisation of a web-site in English and in Dutch. (partly completed now).
  • The reprogramming of the Metapontum-game for the PC. To place this program on CD-rom and on the web-site on internet.
  • Fundraising (donations and sponsors).
  • Contributing to the general state of wellbeing and the growth of non-burdening employment opportunities for world citizens in un- and underdeveloped regions, relative to the prosperous West, by having the production of the Metapontum games focussed in regions with poverty and low economic growth. The purchasing of Metapontum-games from these regions from organisations that practice fair trade.
  • The giving of lectures, demonstrations and workshops in schools, places of business, trade fairs and congresses.
  • Establishing a digital Metapontum newsletter for benefactors and sponsors.Het opzetten van een (digitale) Metapontum-nieuwsbrief voor donateurs en sponsoren.
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