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In this chapter you will find the following pages:

Goals on long term

This is what we want to be fixed on the long term:

  • The realisation of an International network of Metapontum-players- [Metapontors] who organise at regular intervals tournaments in which different countries play with each other. We wish especially to promote Metapontum encounters for conflict regions or countries, demonstrating that co-operative playing is indeed practicable and doing such in front of the media.
  • Rewarding international peace negotiators with a Metapontum peace-game, handed to them by the negotiators or ambassadors of peace or the peace-brokers.
  • Peace-brokers or people who have earned merit in brokering world-peace successfully, distinguishing them with a gift of a Metapontum peace game. Delivering this personally accompanied by a video message and book of Metapontum.
  • Establishing Metapontum Game players Fellowships for the organisation of game-tournaments.
  • The training of Metapontors. These are proficient players, game-adepts, who have mastered the Metapontung games including the game philosophy and who are able and willing to disseminate the same via workshops, lectures and congresses.
  • The publishing of a complete and comprehensive book regarding Metapontum.
  • The establishment and use of offices and auxiliary facilities with the head-office in the Netherlands, preferably in Oss.
  • The translation of the web site in a variety of languages in order to attract a lager public giving them easy access via the Metapontum Internet site.
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