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Our activities

Lectures and Demonstrations

Upon request we give lectures and demonstrations to schools, businesses and interested groups over Metapontum with the appropriate philosophical background information. For schools it offers a tremendous opportunity to explore purposeful, didactical communication skills and the methodologies of group problem-solving while playing this unique game. The game can facilitate in developing insights in the process of co-operation and harmonious social interaction and conflict resolution. The game can be introduced in the upper classes of the primary schools so as to familiarise and train teachers and children in peaceful thinking and acting instead of what happens today by teaching them to be aggressive and competitive, vying to beat each other.
Businesses too increasingly recognise the growing need to apply the co-operative Metapontum principles. The war- and competition mentality satisfies fewer and fewer businesses today. This is evident in the ever increasing search for better, more peaceful ways to communicate with each other. People want to learn to co-operate and communicate efficiently rather than be engaged in relentless competition lest they become fearful, loose heart and disengage themselves because they are pressured to deliver an ever higher level of accomplishment. When they fail to super the previous business targets and profit margins they become depressed and function less efficiently. This is retro-verse efficiency and poor business management, it damages employers and causes burn-out. Peaceful collaboration and harmony on the other hand between peoples offers new perspectives in the quality and joy of life and work performed. Metapontum is like a metaphorical instrument for this positive approach in life, offering useful insights and handgrips to achieve this elusive goal. People search for different models and divergent thinking methods in order to arrive at peace of heart or peace mind other than they get with the old and worn out win-lose or zero sum chess-game principles.

Metapontum tournaments

A number of volunteers within our foundation are occupied with organising Metapontum tournaments. These tournaments are not held to compete against each other in order to be the best but to get to know each other better, support each other, to communicate and appreciate each other in building true friendships and lasting relationships. A less important aspect of these tournaments is to co-operate with each other as efficiently as possible in order to arrive at the desired destination with as few moves as possible. Only he who has true peace really wins in the game of life.
The party with the fewest number of moves only demonstrates the advantages of working together in achieving peace and harmony. They show what could be achieved when these methods are applied to other fields of endeavour trough co-operation. Seasoned players can at all times for instance choose an ad random position, playing it to a pre-determined endpoint of their choosing. Players with less experience or even neophytes are welcome too to participate, to come and learn. They can for instance learn to play a number of variations such as the Master Pi-Game, the Double Hexagram, the Traverse-game, or the Olympic Formation, the four Circles, the Pi-cut, and the Cross begin positions. These game-variations are only examples in which the number of moves have been already determined. Yet occasionally it happens that a player comes up with a faster and more elegant solution, beating as it were the old record. When this happens everybody is elated.

If you want to participate in or want to be notified of such tournament please e-mail us your remarks about tournaments.

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