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We work on a voluntary basis

Our Foundation only knows enthusiastic co-workers who are willing to contribute freely part of their time, for the love of God, without financial remuneration. All this is done for the sake of peace in disseminating the ideals embodied in Metapontum. Peace is the gift of God incarnated in our will and it is not for sale. The work will consist of administrative duties in addition to organisational and or logistic activities.
If this appeals to you and you want to devote part of your free time to playing peace-games and in so doing work for world-peace e-mail us to register yourself for a vacant function. If you have special qualities that you think the Foundation could use, please let us know and if you have specific ideas concerning the dissemination of Metapontum, you are very welcome to apply.


In addition to the help requested we do appeal also for financial assistance and or sponsorship. With the funds received we will become able to pay for a number of necessary business functions, such as telephone costs, mail, e-mail, web site, correspondence costs, a new computer, organisation costs, the hosting of game tournaments, transportation and development of more sophisticated peace games that cannot now be realised because of the lack of space, materials, funds, facilities and capable people. In addition we would want to sponsor future peace-projects. We also want to make contact with other peace-organisations.

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