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Tell us you want tot be a volunteer!

The Metapontum Foundation is presently asking for volunteers who are able and willing to do the following:

  • People who would want to make and edit a digital newsletter. We are thinking of doing this twice a year for the present. In this newsletter we would write about the latest developments concerning the dissemination of Metapontum-news and ideas, an agenda of our activities, news relating to peace initiatives. Perhaps you will want to contribute some suggestions yourself.
  • Translators French, Spanish, Russian or other languages for our web site.
  • Players who will want to learn to play and teach others.
  • People wanting to organise Metapontum tournaments.
  • People who are willing to donate part of a day to do administrative work such as reading and answering e-mails and telephone calls etc.
  • People who want to allow their conference space to be used for certain times and special events of ours.
  • If you want to do other things we do not list here or have helpful suggestions, we will consider them gladly.

Send us e-mail, your address and phone number, writing what you would want to contribute: .

We thank you in advance.

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