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Links with other sites concerning peace and co-operation:

  • www.madatnepal.nl
    Stichting Madat Nepal Handel. Foundation for Fair Trade in Nepal
  • www.kappennou.nl
    Stichting Kappen Nou! Country-wide organisation for the prevention of public violence.
  • www.seedsofpeace.org
    An organisation that brings together teenagers from regions of conflict giving them the opportunity to learn how to become peace-makers.
  • www.fractal.org
    An organisation that strongly believes in the effectiveness of flexibility and creativity of net works. They are active with Consciousness Guidance Models, etc. (BBM).
  • www.milieubewustzijn.nl
    The environmental foundation focuses on light work, works of love, life works, research on consciousness and the spirit of science.
  • www.geweldloosactief.nl
    Stichting Geweldloos Actief; A foundation for the advancement of a culture of peace and the powers of non violent action or force.
  • www.wereldburgers.nl
    An organisation calling on politicians to behave as worthy world citizens.
  • www.stichtingoikos.nl
    The Oikos foundation tries to bring world-wide problems close by with concrete examples and practical action-possibilities focussing on letting people feel that they are participants in a world community.
  • www.wereldcrisis.nl
    A platform against ‘new wars’
  • www.aarde.org
    The Earth foundation stands for a sustainable relation between nature, people and economy.
  • www.vredesmuseum.nl
    Museum for Peace & Non violence sells co-operative games.
  • www.maketradefair.nl
    International campaign organised in part by Novib/Oxfam NL. Novib champions a fair and just world without poverty.
  • www.de-evenaar.nl
    De evenaar wholesales 3rd world products.
  • www.vredescafe.nl
    Political-cultural café that organises peace gatherings.
  • www.teilharddechardin.nl
    Stichting Teilhard de Chardin, The foundation promotes the convergence of religion and science.

Page with links to other sites concerning cooperation games.


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